Hello! I’m happy you found us! My name is Ricardo. I am an historian and official tour guide of Seville, registered with the number 2281 of the Junta de Andalucía. Born and educated in Seville, I love my city as it can not be otherwise. You can also see my CV. I graduated in History at the University of Seville and I also did an academic year and I learned Italian in Italy thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. I am also professor of History of E.S.O. On the other hand, I am qualified as official tourism guide of Andalusia in the Spanish, English and Italian languages. To be an official guide I had to accredit a degree and certification of linguistic competence in two languages, quality guarantee for you and legality for professionals in my group. Remember that official guides always have to show you his/her personal card. You have to demand it always!

Professionally I have experience teaching sociocultural and language workshops for the City Hall of Seville and also for different private companies. On the other hand I have made guided visits to the historical and artistic heritage of the city of Seville, and collaborated with different companies in the design and planning of historic-artistic and cultural itineraries. I also work as a historical consultant and tourism guide with different associations, organizations, educational centers and companies.

After having more than 100 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor, I decided to create a team with the best official guides of Seville. Surely the visit with us will like you a lot. We are enthusiastic professionals and in love with our city. We want to provide a quality service. You can read the reviews that have written other visitors whom we have helped to understand the famous phrase: Sevilla is a marvel.

Why choose “Tour Guide Seville”?

Our passsion is about showing the beauty of Seville, telling their story and walking through the streets with people who are discovering the magic of this wonderful city.

Our bet has been to become freelance to be able to develop the work of tour guide through the streets of Seville with passion, professionalism and closeness. We love this job and it’s what we want to do all our life.

Our goal is to make our clients feel at home in Seville and to offer a quality tourist service on the historical and artistic heritage of the city. We will show you Seville as we would show it to our best friend.

With us you can delve into the secrets of the most beautiful places in Seville and get to know the traditions of the city and its daily life. We will recommend you the locals where we go, the best tapas bars and the most authentic flamenco. Do not forget to read the section What to do in Seville and the Blog, where you will find information about the city that can help you plan your trip. We invite you to know the history, art and secrets of a city that in the past has been one of the most decisive for the configuration of the world today.

To solve any doubt you can contact us through the contact module or with an email to riccarsua@gmail.com. I will respond as soon as possible and obviously without any commitment. We await you in Seville with open arms.


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